Officine di Trevi studied the new maxifilter system to avoid the obstruction of the electric pump
in hard conditions. The maxifilter is carried out
with filtering pipes and can be used in landfills
where water with solid filamentous sediments
and leachate is present.
If properly measured, installed and checked, the
filter can help to achieve a good time saving the
ordinary maintenance operations of the plant.
It has a cylindrical AISI 304 stainless steel structure and a very big contact surface with the
pumped liquid. At the base of the cylinder there
are shaped special technopolymer discs that allow the centring and the anchorage of the electric pump.
In the 3” electric pumps version the cylindrical
filtering and the shaped discs are in AISI 316
stainless steel.
A practical system permits the easy dismantling
of the pump-filter kit to do an easy maintenance.
The electric pump, equipped with the filter, can
be supplied with slope riser too, to facilitate the
movement in oblique wells.
The suction fissures that allow the liquid to get
inside the filter, have been studied to optimize
the passage of little bodies and particles. It is indispensable that the filter is free from sediments
for at least 20% of its surface to grant a correct
working of the electric pump with suction inside.
The external Ø of the maxifiltre cylinder is from
94 mm up to 170 mm; in the version with slope
riser from 145 mm up to 208 mm.